Half Day Tour

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We at Island Explorer Holidays have design several type of Half Day tour for our valuble client to get to know Timor Leste.

8:00am: Pick up from hotel and drive around the bay to start your morning with up to the Christ the King statue or locally known as Cristo Rei of Dili or Christ the King of Dili is a 88.6 foot (27m) tall statue of Jesus located atop a globe in Dili, East Timor. This statue was designed by Mochamad Syailillah, who is usually called Bolil. The statue was officially unveiled by Suharto in 1996 as a gift from the Indonesian government to the East Timorese people. The statue has been one of the main tourist sites in East Timor.

The statue, and the globe on which it rests, are situated at the end of Fatucama peninsula facing out to the ocean and can be reached by climbing some 500 steps.

Stop for photos at Areia Branca - the best beach in Dili. Make a short detour to drive by Jose Ramos Horta’s house on the way to the Tais Market where you can browse and buy traditional tais and handicrafts.
Proceed on tour to the Dare Memorial up the hills about 5 km south of Dili (25mins by car) there is a private memorial to the people of East Timor, built by the Australian Forces that fought in Timor during WWII.

On the way back down to Dili visit the Chega Exhibition where you will learn about the struggles of the Timor-Leste people during the many years of foreign occupation.

Last stop is the Santa Cruz Cemetery, also known as the Dili massacre, where at least 250 East Timorese were killed in a shooting while chanting pro-independence slogans on 12 November 1991, during the Indonesian occupation of East Timor.

1:00pm: Pick up from hotel and start your afternoon with a visit to the Tibar Salt farm along the coast west of Dili. You will see ancient techniques used by local villagers to produce salt.
Budu Tasi (Seaweed) – visit the kelp beds and see how the Timorese process in to food.
Walk up the path up to the mountain to see villagers produce hats made from Palma sheet, before continuing the journey to see bamboo furniture being made by local villagers.
Visit Aipelo Prison a magnificent Portuguese colonial architecture built in 1889. The Prison was once used to imprison rebellious Timorese Tribal Kings.
Visit Tasitolu Peace Park where the three salt lakes are being established as a Park Reserve.
Proceed to Pope John Paul II monument. Since its inauguration on 15 June 2008, a statue of Pope John Paul II west of Dili mirrors the Cristo Rei statue on the other side. It represents a homage to the pope who visited the occupied country in November 1989 and thereby gave new hope to the struggle for freedom. The statue overlooks the plain where the pope celebrated an open-air mass.
Casa Europa - a rudimentary fortress dated from 1769 and was built in the 19th C during Portuguese colonial times as the Barracks of the
Portuguese Battalion. In 1895 the building became the Barracks of the infantry.
Alola Foundation where you can buy traditional tais and handicrafts.

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