DILI, the capital city

Beautiful of Dili views

Dili is the capital city of Timor-Leste (also known as East Timor), located on the northern coast of the island of Timor. It has a population of around 234,000 people and is the largest city in the country.

Dili has a rich history, having been ruled by various colonial powers including Portugal, Japan, and Indonesia. It was also the site of significant violence during the country’s struggle for independence in the late 20th century.

Today, Dili is a bustling city with a mix of traditional and modern architecture. It is home to the country’s government institutions, as well as a number of universities and cultural institutions.


Baucau views

Baucau lying to the east of Dili has an old town with a charmingly raffish air due to its colonial buildings and huge banyan trees. There is a beautiful old swimming pool fed from a clear natural spring and the flamboyant pink Pousada de Baucau overlooks the town centre.

Baucau is Timor-Leste’s second biggest centre and has a range of accommodation and restaurants available. Down at the sea a short drive from Baucau you’ll find a small fishing village and a spectacular coastline of white sand beaches and rocky coves.



Maubara and Liquica are two coastal towns located an easy drive west of Dili. Timor-Leste’s colonial past is very apparent with many Portuguese buildings and a Dutch fort. Maubara is known for its skilled basket weavers. There are small resorts and other accommodation along this coast and the beaches offer good swimming and diving.


Glimpse of BALIBO

The small hill-town of Balibo near the land border in the western part of Timor-Leste has an old fort which provides expansive views of the surrounding country side. Within the fort is a boutique hotel and restaurant. At the hotel guided visits to local villages and caves can be organised. Across the road from the fort, Balibo House provides information on what happened during the Indonesian occupation, including the massacre of the Balibo Five. 


Beautiful of MAUBISSE views

Maubisse is perched on a ridge at a height of around 1400m in rugged mountains and is surrounded by spectacular scenery. It’s an old hill town and makes a delightful break from the heat and humidity of the coast.

Guided walks can be arranged to traditional Mambae villages and it is a good place to learn more about coffee growing. Guest houses available include the fine old Maubisse pousada offering expansive views.